Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yesterday was a day of gains and losses. Yesterday was also the day a bunch of us took a shopping trip to the city of Leeds, about a 1/2-hr train ride away. Over the course of our day trip, I gained...

-- my railcard (FINALLY!)
-- a very basic knowledge of some of a new city

(LIES. There were NO zebras.)

-- an appreciation for's like a beautiful, beautiful T.J. Maxx/Marshall's love child (also...apparently T.J. Maxx is called "T.K. Maxx" over here)

-- a skirt, a nice button-down shirt, two dresses, a pair of rain boots, and a pair of cute sandals for summer ^^

I lost...

-- lots of monies. I mean, Primark is crazy cheap, and I found some awesome deals...I just found more deals and sales than maybe I should have. Hah. BUT I got some great stuff out of it. I mean, come ON...Union Jack Wellies? I think SO.

Elisabeth and I

Tina, Sabina, and I

Caroline and Marina had a speed-eating contest at Subway. Caroline won by a landslide. Marina looks miffed.

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