Friday, February 12, 2010


I've been on these fair, far shores for approximately three jars of Nutella.

I've learned to say "crisps" (not chips), "trousers" (not pants), "takeaway" (not take out), and "cheers" (not "cool, thanks").

I'm taking pub quizzes...and losing. Miserably. I'm also making vows to drastically improve my performance on pub quiz teams.

I've learned that I should take offense when I'm called a "Yank" by a gruff Yorkshire quizmaster.

I've learned that snow is commonly viewed as a cold, fluffy menace to society/impairment to everyday life.

I've learned that Diesels are delicious...more so on "Pound a Pint" night.

I'm bemoaning the indifference the English display toward the Olympics. If only Eddie the Eagle was still around...("if only, if only," the woodpecker sighed, "the bark on the tree was as soft as the skies...")

I'm getting my budget situated. No, really, I am. I swear. Tomorrow.

I'm planning a spring break trip all over continental Europe. Currently I'm still in the "wouldn't it be cool if" stage where nothing really gets off the ground...except the planes I could be on if I made more concrete plans.

I'm at that beautiful point where life (here, back home, in general) is just coming together and everything is beginning to make sense...

and I love it.


  1. I love you. Reading this makes me feel more connected to you... even though you're super far away :(


  2. soo, what is a Pub Quiz?