Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking Inventory

Incapacitating/violent stomach bugs: one. Thank goodness it was over the weekend and I didn't have to (gasp) miss any classes! (pushes nerd glasses up nose)

Friends featured in a series of one-act plays by Anthony Minghella: one. Kjetil Berge was a featured dancer in "Hang Up" (flanked by "Cigarettes and Chocolate" and "Days Like These"). Overall a great night out watching three really fantastic and well-acted plays...that made me feel inadequate as a writer. Thanks, Minghella. Thanks. Way to be awesome. (slinks away to brood in cave of mediocrity)

Trips to This will change to "one" on Saturday. I'm excited...I haven't gone "down south" yet. Teehee.

Spring Break Trip, so far. Jeanine, Brittany and I are meeting up in Barcelona and cruising around the south of France before ending up in the Vatican for Easter! From there I have no definitive plans as of yet...Aftan and I may or may not be crafting something magical. Or so we hope. ;)

Ten-minute word-vomit pieces written for Creative Writing B: ten.

Ten-minute word-vomit pieces of which I'm proud and may actually turn into something: ...potentially one. We'll say 1/2.

Oliver Twists finished: 1/2. Heh. Luckily it doesn't have to be until next week, as I found out.

Spontaneous plane sonnets finished: 1/2. I think disembarking from the plane may have killed it. I kind of hope not. I liked where it was going. I can say that because I know where it ends, and I know where it ends because I wrote it backwards. Yeah...yeah.

Classes chosen for next semester at Hope: ... :/

Time spent caring about next semester: not enough

Time that will be spent soaking up all that is here: never enough

Months spent here: ...nearly one of four. Yikes.

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  1. Your spring break plans make me GREEEEEEEN with envy!!! Jeanine told me about it earlier today and I was so frickin jealous!!! I need to find a way to come up with money for that plane ticket STAT! Maybe my credit card company will consider increasing my credit limit...? :D haha jk. Mostly. btw, I MIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSS YOU!