Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Before I go...

1) Reserve spot for spring semester at York St. John University in York, England (check)
2) Reserve plane tickets (check)
3) Passport (check)
4) Have wisdom teeth unceremoniously ripped from the depths of my skull (check)
5) Find out which classes I'm actually in and which room I'm actually in (won't that be nice when they finally tell me) :P
6) Pack (...)
7) Create blog (why, check! Wouldja look at that.)
8) Have a crazy awesome time gallivanting about the land of tea and crumpets and all over Europe

...and there's my schedule. My plane leaves from Cleveland Jan 24, and I have one stopover in Chicago (yes, I realize that's going backwards, but hey...better O'Hare than LaGuardia!!!) before I fly to Manchester, then take a train to York, and then take a taxi to the Uni. Woohoo! Can't wait to get this party started! :D

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