Monday, January 25, 2010

Here. Here Here Here.


So basically, the past twenty-four hours has been a complete and utter blur. A day ago, I was taking off in Cleveland for Chicago, and now I'm sitting in my flat in York trying to recount everything that has happened. In essence, I got on some planes, tried to take naps on them, and have been going and going and going ever since. But to make a short story long, I managed to get through customs, retrieve my luggage, and get 80+ pounds of luggage onto a train and, subsequently, into a taxi so I could get to the Uni and get my flat assignment and a tour of the campus (not the most helpful tour I've ever had, but whatever. I suppose I'll learn). Then I went to a pub, declined an offer to hang out at the bar in the Student Union, and sat down to write before I crashed in my bed.

Some observations I've made along the way...

~ Many Brits know my own country better than I do, and have seen more of it than I have.
~ The British are quite helpful with directions, etc., especially if you ask for help in your adorably lost American accent.
~ The British bring their dogs everywhere...e.g. onto trains and into pubs. This is definitely a country of dog lovers.
~ Pubs are awesome.
~ Jet lag is NOT.
~ As a result, my tummy hurts. :(
~ I am the only native English speaker in my flat, which I share with German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Kenyan girls, all of whom are very nice.
~ Having a single room is pretty sweet.
~ Having to walk for 15 minutes through twisty turny lost-inducing streets to get to the Uni is not sweet at all.
~ ...except when it's fun to watch the view. ;P
~ I don't think anyone hates me for being from the United States yet...
~ I am very, very, very far away.
(This last one has hit me a couple of times. The excitement/adrenaline factor is awesome, but the overwhelming factor...yikes.)

And that's it so far. This week is gonna be a doozy...goodnight, moon, indeed.


  1. I'm so glad you are finally here! I 'll let you know when my York trip will take place!

    -I agree with absolutely EVERYTHING you noticed about the they know America and have been to more places in America than I have.
    -Also don't be afraid to abuse the accent...cause I totally do. :)

    YAYAYAYAYAY! Can't wait to read more!

  2. haha thanks, brittany! definitely let me know when you're in york!!! i'll try to get out to liverpool sometime soon, too. :D