Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm a tease... ;)

Yeah...apparently I need to learn to resize some of my pics, because Flickr was throwing tantrums at me earlier. Until I figure that shenanigans out, here are a few of my favorite pictures so far of York and of Whitby. :)

The Guy Fawkes Inn...he was born just steps from the Minster. Heh.

Da Minstah.

York Minster...mmmmmmm. Yes, please.

Bow chicka wow wowww...glamo(u)r shot! ;)

Some of the ruins of Whitby Abbey


Whitby is commonly advertised as having the best fish & chips in far, so true!

It's really a beautiful seaside was hard to imagine this view/abbey/area inspired Bram Stoker while he wrote Dracula when i saw Whitby in the elusive English sunlight!

Whitby Abbey + some crazy American girl

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